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Planning and setting up international business operations requires a series of decisions. First, you determine whether and how international expansion will fit in your overall strategy. Then you consider market location: Europe, USA, or elsewhere. You determine what market research can provide the most important insights for your planning, and consider which markets you’ll approach and how they are integrated. Finally, you determine your point of entry to the new market.

O’Connor and Associates can help you think through the risks and opportunities, and gain a more complete understanding of what’s involved in each decision, every step of the way.

To guide you in this process, we offer the services shown below. Click any service for more detail.

Effective Execution Is More Than Business Planning

As experienced, international financial consultants, we know that your government and other organizations will help you plan your business expansion into a new country. So why do you need to talk to us?

The truth is, no matter how much research and planning you do, you are left only with a plan. A plan is vulnerable to oversights and unforeseen pitfalls, especially if you do not have local insight to guide your planning and execution.

At O’Connor & Associates, we can provide the local insight needed to develop your business plan and the local experience required to respond to the set-backs and pitfalls that are sure to arise during the execution of your business plan.

Invest in Your Global Presence.

Working together, we can help your business manage risk, capitalize on your strengths, and grow to the next level.